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i can’t wait for the day where people find out how much of a monster that you’ve become 


jayden hooks up with any girl, think he has any real feelings for anything/one?

jayden karstairs has feelings? the world may never know.


is effie taylor's real name effie?

is it? and is her last name really taylor?


Who do you think is the sluttiest at St Ives?

all i do is the laundry, who do you think is the sluttiest at st. ives?


my vote is teddy sanders, he is gorgeous!

well the festivities start tomorrow, so let’s see!


who do you think will be the top three to raise the most money?

micah adams, the secret guest, and sullivan or john? who knows, people often surprise me.


i'll be busy outbidding everyone who bid on micah adams <333

looks like the school is going to raise a lot of money then.


lyle is hot, i would bid for him

then i guess no one will be the lonely boy with no bids.


who do you think will be the poor bastard who gets left out in the cold at the auction?

my guess is lyle? unless people dig the white hair look..


micah adams is mine. touch him and prepare to die.

well, at least we have a warning.